BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012

BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012

The 2012 Employment Survey is a representative survey of core employed persons in Germany. "Core employed persons" are at least 15 years old and are engaged in paid work of at least 10 hours per week. The data set contains differentiated information on employed persons and jobs in Germany. On the one hand, the focus is on questions about the workplace (task requirements, level of requirements, knowledge requirements, work requirements, need for further training, working conditions, workloads, etc.), on the other hand, the relationship between education and employment is addressed (schooling, education and further training, career path, employment appropriate to training, change of occupation, usability of vocational qualifications, etc.). Different occupational classifications allow a differentiated presentation according to occupations and training occupations.

Survey units: persons
Number of cases: 20,036
Population: German Working Population aged 15 and elder in paid employment with at least 10 working hours per week.
Number of variables: SUF: 655, GWA/DFV: 140 (including 58 full texts, 4 regional identifiers, 78 occupational codes at the 3-/4-/5-digit level)
Representative region: Spatial planning region (Raumordnungsregion)
Weighting: design and population weight; projection weight
DOI: doi:10.7803/501.

BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012

Dataset with Variables  
Full text variables
58 TF100, F100_kA, , TF101, F101_kA, TF102, F102_kA, TF300, F300_ka, TF321, TF513, F513_kA, TF1203, TF1204, TF1208, TF1210, TF1212, TF1215, TF1217, TG1203, TG1204, TG1208, TG1210, TG1212, TG1215, TG1217, TH1203, TH1204, TH1208, TH1210, TH1212, TH1215, TH1217, TI1203, TI1204, TI1208, TI1210, TI1212, TI1215, TI1217, TJ1203, TJ1204, TJ1208, TJ1210, TJ1212, TJ1215, TJ1217, TF1228, TF1304, TF1305, TF1401, TF1402, TF1411A, F1411A_kA, TF1418A, TF1418B, TF1606,TF1609, TF1610
Variables with answers from open questions
Regional identifiers
4 ror
Spatial planning regions, 2011
system-free spatial planning regions, 2011
District code number, 2011
Labour office districts, 2014
Special variables
78 f100_kldb2010, f1203_kldb2010, g1203_kldb2010, h1203_kldb2010, j1203_kldb2010, i1203_kldb2010, f1401_kldb2010, f1610_kldb2010, f1609_kldb2010
KldB 2010, 5digit
1203_kldb2010_3d, g1203_kldb2010_3d, h1203_kldb2010_3d, i1203_kldb2010_3d, j1203_kldb2010_3d, f1610_kldb2010_3d, f1609_kldb2010_3d
KldB 2010, 3digit
f100_kldb92, f1203_kldb92, g1203_kldb92, h1203_kldb92, i1203_kldb92, j1203_kldb92, f1401_kldb92, f1609_kldb92, f1610_kldb92
KldB 92, 4digit
AB1_92o, AB2_92o, AB3_92o, AB4_92o, AB5_92o, vb_92o, mb_92o
KldB 92, 3digit
f100_isco08, f1203_isco08, g1203_isco08, h1203_isco08, i1203_isco08, j1203_isco08, f1609_isco08, f1401_isco08, f1610_isco08
ISCO-08, 4digit
1203_isco08_3d, g1203_isco08_3d, h1203_isco08_3d, i1203_isco08_3d, j1203_isco08_3d, f1609_isco08_3d, f1610_isco08_3d
ISCO-08, 3digit
100_isco88, f1203_isco88, g1203_isco88, h1203_isco88, i1203_isco88, j1203_isco88, f1401_isco88, f1609_isco88, f1610_isco88
ISCO-88, 4digit
f1203_isco88_3d, g1203_isco88_3d, h1203_isco88_3d, i1203_isco88_3d, j1203_isco88_3d, f1609_isco88_3d, f1610_isco88_3d
ISCO-88, 3digit
f100_kldb2010_4d f1203_kldb2010_4d g1203_kldb2010_4d h1203_kldb2010_4d i1203_kldb2010_4d j1203_kldb2010_4d f1401_kldb2010_4d f1609_kldb2010_4d f1610_kldb2010_4d
KldB 2010, 4digit
Netz1_1, Netz1_2, Netz1_3, Netz1_9, Netz2_1
Use of the internet

BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012


data and methodological report

English Version of the data set "do-files"

BIBB/BAuA Employment Survey 2012

Occupation German Classification of Occupations 2010 (KldB 2010)
The Classification of Occupations 2010 groups occupations based on occupational specialisation and on the level of requirements.
SUF, 2digit:
F100_kldb2010_2d (current main job), n= 37
F1401_kldb2010_2d (first main job), n= 37
F1203_kldb2010_2d (VET occupation 1), n= 37
G1203_kldb2010_2d (VET occupation 2), n= 37
H1203_kldb2010_2d (VET occupation 3), n= 37
I1203_kldb2010_2d (VET occupation 4), n= 33
J1203_kldb2010_2d (VET occupation 5), n= 20
F1609_kldb2010_2d (current main job father), n= 37
F1610_kldb2010_2d (current main job mother), n= 36

SUF, 3digit:
F100_kldb2010_3d (current main job), n= 136
F1401_kldb2010_3d (first main job), n= 133

further 3- and 4-digit codes see SV-datasets in "Additional features"
German Classification of Occupations 1992 (KldB 92)
The KldB1992 summarises occupations according to their occupational performed tasks.
SUF, 2digit:
EB92g (current main job), n= 85
EB1_92g (first main job), n= 88
AB1_92g (VET occupation 1), n= 88
AB2_92g (VET occupation 2), n= 84
AB3_92g (VET occupation 3), n= 69
AB4_92g (VET occupation 4), n= 49
AB5_92g (VET occupation 5), n= 23
Vb_92g (current main job father), n= 86
Mb_92g (current main job mother), n= 74

SUF, 3digit:
EB92o (current main job), n= 302
EB1_92o (first main job), n= 312

further 3- and 4-digit codes see SV-datasets in "Additional features"
International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008 (ISCO-08)
The International Standard Classification of Occupations from 2008 distinguishes occupations by tasks and occupational requirements.
SUF, 2digit:
F100_isco08_2d (current main job), n= 41
F1401_isco08_2d (first main job), n= 41
F1203_isco08_2d (VET occupation 1), n= 40
G1203_isco08_2d (VET occupation 2), n= 40
H1203_isco08_2d (VET occupation 3), n= 36
I1203_isco08_2d (VET occupation 4), n= 32
J1203_isco08_2d (VET occupation 5), n= 19
F1609_isco08_2d (current main job father), n= 41
F1610_isco08_2d (current main job mother), n= 38

SUF, 3digit:
F100_isco08_3d (current main job), n= 118
F1401_isco08_3d (first main job), n= 117

further 3- and 4-digit codes see SV-datasets in "Additional features"
International Standard Classification of Occupations 1988 (ISCO-88)
The ISCO-88(COM) coded by Eurostat at European level classifies occupations at four levels according to tasks and occupational requirements.
SUF, 2digit:
F100_isco88_2d (current main job), n= 28
F1401_isco88_2d (first main job), n= 28
F1203_isco88_2d (VET occupation 1), n= 27
G1203_isco88_2d (VET occupation 2), n= 28
H1203_isco88_2d (VET occupation 3), n= 26
I1203_isco88_2d (VET occupation 4), n= 24
J1203_isco88_2d (VET occupation 5), n= 18
F1609_isco88_2d (current main job father), n= 28
F1610_isco88_2d (current main job mother), n= 27

SUF, 3digit:
F100_isco88_3d (current main job), n= 105
F1401_isco88_3d (first main job), n= 106

further 3- and 4-digit codes see SV-datasets in "Additional features"
International Socio-Economic Index of Occupational Status (ISEI)
F100_isei (ISEI88 current main job)
F1401_isei (ISEI88 first main job)
F1203_isei (ISEI88 VET occupation 1)
G1203_isei (ISEI88 VET occupation 2)
H1203_isei (ISEI88 VET occupation 3)
I1203_isei (ISEI88 VET occupation 4)
J1203_isei (ISEI88 VET occupation 5)
F1609_isei (current main job father)
F1610_isei (current main job mother)

EB_isei08 (ISEI08 current main job)
EB1_isei08 (ISEI08 first main job)
VB_isei08 (ISEI08 current main job father)
MB_isei08 (ISEI08 current main job mother)
Magnitude Prestige Scale (MPS)
Magnitude Prestige Scale
F100_mps (current main job)
F1401_mps (first main job)
F1203_mps (VET occupation 1)
G1203_mps (VET occupation 2)
H1203_mps (VET occupation 3)
I1203_mps, (VET occupation 4)
J1203_mps (VET occupation 5)
F1609_mps, (current main job father)
F1610_mps (current main job mother)
BIBB definitions of occupational fields
F100_kldb2010_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, current main job, KldB2010)
F100_kldb2010_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, current main job, KldB2010)
F100_kldb2010_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, current main job, KldB2010)
F1401_kldb2010_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, first main job, KldB2010)
F1401_kldb2010_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, first main job, KldB2010 )
F1401_kldb2010_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, first main job, KldB2010 )
F1609_kldb2010_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, father, KldB2010)
F1609_kldb2010_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, father, KldB2010)
F1609_kldb2010_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, father, KldB2010)
F1610_kldb2010_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, mother, KldB2010)
F1610_kldb2010_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, mother, KldB2010)
F1610_kldb2010_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, mother, KldB2010)

F100_kldb92_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, current main job, KldB1992)
F100_kldb92_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, current main job, KldB1992)
F100_kldb92_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, current main job, KldB1992)
F1401_kldb92_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, first main job, KldB1992 )
F1401_kldb92_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, first main job, KldB1992)
F1401_kldb92_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, first main job, KldB1992)
F1609_kldb92_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, father, KldB1992)
F1609_kldb92_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, father, KldB1992)
F1609_kldb92_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, father, KldB1992)
F1610_kldb92_BF (BIBB definitions of occupational field, mother, KldB1992)
F1610_kldb92_BHF (BIBB-main occupational field, mother, KldB1992)
F1610_kldb92_BOF (BIBB-upper occupational field, mother, KldB1992 )
(original EB_*; EB1_*,VB_* and MB_*)
European Socioeconomic Groups (ESeG)
European Socio-Economic Groups (ESEG 2008)
F100_eseg_1 (main groups, ESEG 2008, current main job)
F1609_eseg_1 (main groups, (ESEG 2008), father)
F1610_eseg_1 (main groups, (ESEG 2008), mother)

F100_eseg_2 (subgroups,(ESEG 2008), current main job)
F1609_eseg_2 (subgroups,(ESEG 2008), father)
F1610_eseg_2 (subgroups, (ESEG 2008), mother)
Blossfeld’s Occupational Classification
EB_blossfeld (current main job Blossfeld’s Occupational Classification)
EB1_blossfeld (first main job Blossfeld’s Occupational Classification)
VB_blossfeld (current main job father Blossfeld’s Occupational Classification)
MB_blossfeld (current main job mother Blossfeld’s Occupational Classification)
Knowledge-intensive occupations (WiB I)
Knowledge-intensive occupations first definition (WiB I)
EB1_wib1 (Knowledge-intensive occupations first definition current main job)
EB_wib1 (Knowledge-intensive occupations first definition first main job)
VB_wib1 (Knowledge-intensive occupations first definition current main job father)
MB_wib1 (Knowledge-intensive occupations first definition current main job mother)
Knowledge-intensive occupations (WiB II)
Knowledge-intensive occupations second definition
EB1_wib2 (Knowledge-intensive occupations second definition current main job)
EB_wib2 (Knowledge-intensive occupations second definition first main job)
VB_wib2 (Knowledge-intensive occupations second definition current main job father)
MB_wib2 (Knowledge-intensive occupations second definition current main job mother)
Knowledge-intensive occupations (WiB III)
Knowledge-intensive occupations third definition
EB1_wib3 (Knowledge-intensive occupations third definition current main job)
EB_wib3 (Knowledge-intensive occupations third definition first main job)
VB_wib3 (nowledge-intensive occupations third definition current main job father)
MB_wib3 (Knowledge-intensive occupations third definition current main job mother)
Erikson-Goldthorpe-Portocarero (Class) Scheme (EGP)
Erikson-Goldthorpe-Portocarero (Class) Scheme (EGP)
EB_egp (EGP from occupational activity and occupational status current main job)
F1609_egp (EGP current main job father)
F1610_egp (EGP current main job mother)
European Socio-economic Classification (ESeC)
European socio-economic classification
EB_esec (simplified method ESeC current main job)
EB1_esec (simplified method ESeC first main job)
EB_esec2 (full method ESeC current main job)
VB_esec (simplified method, ESeC current main job father)
MB_esec (simplified method, ESeC current main job mother)
Standard International Occupational Prestige Scale (SIOPS)
Standard International Occupational Prestige Scale
F100_siops08 (SIOPS 2008 current main job)
F1401_siops08 (SIOPS 2008 first main job)
F1609_siops08 (SIOPS 2008 current main job father)
F1610_siops08 (SIOPS 2008 current main job mother)

EB_siops (SIOPS 88 current main job)
EB1_siops (SIOPS 88 first main job)
VB_siops (SIOPS 88 current main job father)
MB_siops (SIOPS 88 current main job mother)
Occupational sections
Possible summary for better use for analyses
EB_berufsabschnitte (occupational sections current main job KldB 1992)
EB1_berufsabschnitte (occupational sectionscurrent main job KldB 1992)
AB1_berufsabschnitte (occupational sections 1. VET)
AB2_berufsabschnitte (occupational sections 2. VET)
AB3_berufsabschnitte (occupational sections 3. VET)
AB4_berufsabschnitte (occupational sections 4. VET)
AB5_berufsabschnitte (occupational sections 5. VET)
Production and service occupations in the dual system (BBiG and HwO)
Classification of VET occupations
AB1_pr_dl (Production and service occupations 1. VET)
AB2_pr_dl (Production and service occupations 2. VET)
AB3_pr_dl (Production and service occupations 3. VET)
AB4_pr_dl (Production and service occupations 4. VET)
AB5_pr_dl (Production and service occupations 5. VET)
Work tools
Coding of the open information on the most important work tools
Arbeitsmittel_7G (The most important work tools, 7 groups)
Arbeitsmittel (The most important work tools)
Requirement level according to KldB 2010
corresponds to the fifth digit of the KldB 2010
F100_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level current main job)
F1401_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level first main job)
F1203_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level 1. VET)
G1203_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level 2. VET)
H1203_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level 3. VET)
I1203_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level 4. VET)
J1203_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level 5. VET)
F1609_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level current main job father)
F1610_kldb2010_5 (Requirement level current main job mother)